One Scene and Untitled

Audio transcription:

“My name is Daisuke Shintani. I’m originally from Japan, but living in Pennsylvania. For this piece I made a leaf and sort of glass dripping over the leaves. I used a rubber mold to make a pattern of an actual leaf and then used a lost-wax technique and cast the leaves into bronze. I transferred the pattern into the bronze and then I took it to the glass studio and poured fresh molten glass over the leaf shape. What happened was the glass, which is waterish, poured over the side, and where it touched the bronze surface it captured the leaf pattern. The glass was moving fully and I stopped it when I liked the form by pulling the glass, because when glass gets pulled it keeps its shape. I do work with variable materials but I especially like bronze and glass because they are long-lasting materials that hold their shape over time. Bronze has been here thousands of years, and glass has as well. Bronze has an interesting character. It’s a liquid when it’s heated and then it takes the shape of the mold it’s in when it cools. Glass as well. You can see it in windows and buildings and tableware, but when it’s melted in a kiln it’s like a waterish liquid. And then when it’s cooled down outside of the kiln it gets hard, like rock concrete hard, and stays that shape for many thousands of years. It doesn’t rust, it doesn’t get ruined, but it’s weak on impact and sometimes breaks. I like to combine those together.”

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