Recreation Center Relief Sculptures

Audio transcription:

“My name is David Bamber. I’m originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Eadweard Muybridge was a pioneer in early photography at turn of the century with the Impressionists. The ongoing question was if the horse’s feet left the ground when at full trot. And Muybridge sort of proved it. He set up all these still cameras with trip wires – it was a very controlled thing – and he did this huge, really amazing work of these motion studies of people walking, people running, people getting up from a sitting position. And Muybridge is a fascinating character, and it just made sense; the original intent was that we were going to put the pieces around the track so as you ran past them you would be interacting with them. But that didn’t prove too practical, so we ended up putting them above the gym area close to the track.”

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Dublin Art in Public Places
  1. Field of Corn (with Osage Orange Trees)
  2. Leatherlips
  3. Out of Bounds
  4. Recreation Center Relief Sculptures
  5. Jack Nicklaus Tribute Sculpture
  6. Watch House
  7. Going, Going... Gone!
  8. Ascension
  9. One Step at a Time
  10. Narrow #5
  11. Injection
  12. Exuvia
  13. Modified Social Benches
  14. One Scene and Untitled
  15. Jaunty Hornbeam and Sanguine Standing Stone
  16. The Simulation of George M. Karrer's Workshop
  17. Playing Through
  18. Daily Chores
  19. Tree of Life, Future Tense
  20. Dublin Tunnel Mural
  21. Feather Point