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Rest Stop & Monument Search

At around this part of our tour you will find one of the premiere rest stops on the Rail Trail. Included with the benches here is a modest flower garden, containing a memorial for a local resident. Jerry Cady, who passed away in 2002, was an active member of the community, holding positions in several organizations such as the Vestal Center Motorcycle Club and left a large extended family behind. His monument was financed by donations to the Rail for Trails Fund.

       You will find many such monuments throughout the length of the Rail Trail. Just up ahead is another notable memorial for Traci Shiner Gibson, possessing a large plaque and one of the most unique benches on the trail. As you move up and down the area, keep an eye out for these and see how many you can find. Many, like these two highlighted, are easy enough to locate, while others are well hidden or kept secret.


Hint: One monument can be found just off the trail with a tree that has "liberated" itself from the woods.

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