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Rail Trail Tour: An Oasis of Nature

Take a tour of one of Vestal's greatest assets: The Rail Trail. Spanning two miles, this path leads through the village, preserving a small vestage of nature in the midst of our fully developed locality.

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204 Stage Road, Vestal, NY, United states
Rail Trail Tour: An Oasis of Nature
  1. Rail Trail Overview
  2. Coal House
  3. Vestal Museum
  4. Broome County Forestry
  5. 1901 Lackawanna Train Wreck
  6. Spotlight: Plants of the Rail Trail
  7. Bridge
  8. Rest Stop & Monument Search
  9. Spotlight: Mammals of the Rail Trail
  10. Wetlands
  11. Hills in the Distance
  12. Spotlight: Birds of the Rail Trail
  13. Twin Orchards Park
  14. Willow Run Creek
  15. Hidden Trails & Terminus