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Around the corner is the Carroll Card Punch. Mr. Carroll's picture is on the glass panel behind this machine. And the purpose of this machine was to make blank punched cards. Different things could be printed on the punch card by changing the platin, which is one of the bolts. This is set up right now to print a standard 80 column card. You'll notice a picture on the wall, it shows that these ran 24 hours a day and seven days a week. IBM had a monopoly on printing cards. This machine could print 800 lines a minute. There were other computer companies, but no one else made these cards. Just IBM made them at the time; it was 25% of IBM's profits. If you notice the big wheel of paper at the bottom of the machine, that started out as a six-foot-long roll of paper. Such a roll weighs 105 pounds, and this machine could print, cut and stack that whole wheel of paper in 15 minutes.

The ink is stored at this compartment on the right and the funny round thing on the top of the machine with cards on it was so that air could be blown between the cards to dry the ink. On the next platform, the first machine we see is an interpreter. The purpose of an interpreter is to read holes and print lines. The punch that we saw before would duplicate a deck, with the holes, but it would not do any printing. So, if you wanted true duplication, you would have to first punch the holes, then bring that deck over to the interpreter machine, so that the holes could be converted to writing. We also have a coal latter, which would interleave several decks of cards. And we have a multiplying punch still having the modular wire board. What made this unique is it could not multiply until now. We just did addition and subtraction. What would happen is you would feed punch cards in, which would have two numbers, and the wire board would tell the machine to take the numbers in columns and multiply them together. Then the instructions would punch out the answer in columns. So, that's how that was used.

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