Washington, Connecticut - An American Story

Our exhibit focuses on all villages of Washington, CT – Washington Green, Washington Depot, New Preston, Marbledale and Woodville. Some of the topics featured include Native Americans, Colonists, Forming the Town, Slavery and Abolition, Businesses, Agriculture, Revolutionary War, Immigrants, Flood of 1955 and more. This collaborative community undertaking touches on the major turning points, giving visitors an understanding of the unique people, places, and events that have shaped the town we know and love today.  We envision the long-term exhibit will inspire residents to preserve and share the history of their families.

5 Wykeham Road, Washington, CT, USA
Washington, Connecticut - An American Story
  1. Introduction and The Native Americans
  2. Colonial Settlement and First Colonists
  3. The Fight for Liberty
  4. Working the Land
  5. Mills, Matches, and Marble
  6. Quest for Freedom
  7. Defending the Union
  8. Coming to America
  9. Opening Washington to the World
  10. Education at its Best
  11. Holiday in the Hills
  12. A Haven for Artists and Preserving the Environment
  13. The World Wars and The Flood of 1955
  14. A Town is Born
  15. Washington Then and Now