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Narthex Glass Doors

When you approach the Narthex or the lobby to the church, you will notice that there are beautiful etchings across the glass doors. The doors have 4 characters etched into them. These characters stand for Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Each gospel is in a different form. Matthew is the man; Mark is the lion; Luke is the bull; John is the eagle. Every gospel is holdiing a scroll, and these scrolls have Greek etched into them. The Greek is the first sentence of the corresponding gospel. These were designed by Betty Bell, and they were dedicated on Palm Sunday.

-Content written by Libby based on available research

St. Luke's on the Lake Campus Tour
  1. Narthex Glass Doors
  2. The Rock
  3. BBQ pit
  4. The Passion Gate
  5. The Sacrament Gates
  6. The Resurrection Gate
  7. The Outside Altar