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Shoshana was a great model.  She came with a great scarf that I wanted to highlight in her portrait.  But more than that, I told her that I love noses and I wanted to paint her in a slight profile.  She’s so cool that she obliged me and I hate to pick favorites but this is one of my very favorite paintings from this project.

The thing I will always remember about talking with her is I was complaining a bit about how some people did just not want to seem to get painted.  She observed, and I tend to agree, that some people may not feel worthy to sit for, or get, a portrait.  I think she has something there.  But I disagree with those who think they are not good enough to get painted.  One of the strong themes I started out with in this project was the principle that everyone has something beautiful about them.   And I believe that now ever more than before.

The Pizza Box Portrait Project . September 6 - 29, 2019
  1. Overview
  2. Jennifer
  3. Garette
  4. Karin
  5. Julia
  6. Helen
  7. Dominic
  8. Catherine
  9. Namrata
  10. Justin
  11. Randy
  12. Ya Ya
  13. Melody
  14. Elysia
  15. Nicole
  16. Sonya
  17. Nokoa
  18. Paige
  19. Jason
  20. Ellie
  21. Emily
  22. Susan
  23. Wesley
  24. Rasheem
  25. Allison
  26. LaWanda
  27. Christine
  28. Seper
  29. Shoshana
  30. Dwayne
  31. Tyler
  32. Jarreau
  33. Marina
  34. Curtis
  35. Madeleine
  36. Stephanie
  37. Chris
  38. Erica
  39. Jamie
  40. Jasmine
  41. What’s next?
  42. Portrait Party . Sep. 15 . 2-4pm