National security cutter program

National Security Cutter Program

The 12th image is The National Security Cutter Program 2015.  The Legend-class national security cutter, is built by Huntington Ingalls Industries  for the US Coast Guard, under the Deepwater program.  NSC is the largest and most technically advanced class of cutter in the USCG fleet.   NSC's can be deployed in homeland security, law enforcement, maritime safety, environmental protection, and national defense missions.

U.S. Coast Guard Panel
  1. Spanish- American War
  2. Revenue Cutter Service
  3. World War I
  4. World War II - Operation Torch 1942
  5. Korean War
  6. Cold War
  7. Gulf War
  8. World War II - Omaha Beach 1944
  9. World War II - Operation Neptune - Utah Beach - 1944
  10. World War II - Beach Red Landing 1942
  11. Vietnam War
  12. National Security Cutter Program
  13. Iraq War
  14. War in Afghanistan
  15. Introduction