Navy vj day

US Navy - V-J Day

The 7th image is V J Day, 1945.  V J Day in Times Square is a photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt,  that portrays a U S Navy sailor, grabbing and kissing a stranger, a woman in a white dress, on victory over Japan Day, in New York City’s Times Square, on August 14th, 1945.

U.S. Navy Panel
  1. War of 1812
  2. World War I
  3. US Navy - USS Arizona (BB-39)
  4. US Navy - Attack on Pearl Harbor
  5. Korean War
  6. Cold War Pacific Ocean Fleet Exercise 85
  7. US Navy - V-J Day
  8. U.S. Navy - Battle of Midway
  9. Vietnam War
  10. Gulf War
  11. US Navy - USS Constellation (CV64)
  12. Iraq War
  13. War in Afghanistan
  14. Introduction