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Colony by Christopher and Basil Frost

LOCATION: From Linwood Street, walk a few steps west on the Bikeway and look to the left.

When Arlington Public Art commissioned Christopher Frost to create a site-specific sculpture for PATHWAYS we asked Chris to think about our 2018 theme of birds and nature.  We also encouraged him to bring his strong interests in architecture and play to conceptualizing a new work for Arlington.  Chris decided to bring Basil, his daughter who is currently studying architecture, into the process.  Together they cooked up Colony, a whimsical architectural folly constructed at bird scale perched on a mature tree overlooking Spy Pond.  Chris built the sculpture using platforms that fit around the trunk like a collar; the tree’s health was protected by this design because no nails or screws were used.

From the day that Colony was installed, neighbors and passers-by began adding their own toys and figurines to this welcoming and whimsical work.

We invite you to share your photos and impressions to Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #colony. Please tag  @chrisfrostsculpture and @artsarlington

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