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Dots & Dashes – Hear from the artist!

Listen to Johnny Lapham discuss his work, Dots & Dashes.  It consists of more than 60 colorful painted plywood discs installed along the edge of the Minuteman Bikeway from Lake Street to Linwood Street.  If you would like to email Johnny a comment about his work, you can send it care of the PATHWAYS curator, Cecily Miller, at

PATHWAYS: Art on the Minuteman Bikeway
  1. Colony by Christopher and Basil Frost
  2. Colony - Hear from the artist!
  3. ExtraOrdinary Birds by Resa Blatman and Ellen Reed
  4. Room to Grow by Freedom Baird – Intro
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  6. Rhetoric of Opposites by Nilou Moochhala
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  9. Dots & Dashes – Hear from the artist!
  10. Dots & Dashes by Johnny Lapham
  11. Rhetoric of Opposites – Hear from the artist!