Img porch


This ornate front porch is the traditional entrance leading into the Mandir. The Mandir is the home of God, and just as one would be welcomed into a special place, visitors and worshippers are welcomed by dancing celestial beings with offerings of flowers, incense and music. 

Across you can see the ornate ceremonial gate which is another traditional feature of a Hindu mandir. 

Surrounding the Mandir is a delightful complementary garden. Floral designs gracing the stone work and woodwork inside are emulated in the garden with real flowers. The garden, coming especially to life in all its colours in the spring, has been awarded the ‘Brent in Bloom’ award several times for being the best public garden in the borough. 

As if to remind you that you are still in north west London, take a look across the horizon. Behind the rows of terraced housing, you should be able to see the arch of Wembley Stadium! 

When you are ready, please make your way back inside and then downstairs using the steps on the right, following the signs. Then press next outside the exhibition. 

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