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Upper Sanctum

You have now arrived in the upper sanctum of the Mandir, and the heart of this entire complex. 

As you look around this milky white sanctuary of marble, covered with intricate carvings, you will find ornate shrines housing sacred images. These are the murtis, the very soul of the Mandir. 

The concept of image worship – known as murti puja – is a deep-seated Hindu practice prescribed by revealed scriptures to help devotees enhance and express their relationship with God. Ancient Vedic rites are performed to infuse the images with the presence of God, making them worthy of worship. God, who is present everywhere, manifests within the murti. Through the sacred image, we learn to not only see God but also be seen by him. 

Murti puja is thus an important way to offer our devotion to God, to utter heartfelt prayers to him, and be personally blessed. 

There is a general misunderstanding that Hindus worship many gods. For the Hindus there is one supreme God who has created and governs the Universe we inhabit. Hindus honour the whole of creation and see the presence of God in everything. God who is full of love and compassion reveals himself through various forms and can be known by many names. 

Take your time to absorb the atmosphere before making your way to the centre of the inner sanctum. 

While doing so, please be respectful of other worshippers in the area, especially by observing silence. 

When ready, please press next.

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