Img abhishek mandap

Abhishek Mandap

The chamber on your left is known as the Abhishek Mandap. You may enter quietly and stand at the back if a ceremony is in progress. Otherwise feel free to move towards the shrine to observe more closely. 

The focus of the chamber is a metallic sacred image for performing the Hindu ritual of abhishek. This involves pouring water upon the image as a form of worship while praying for peace and for the purification of one’s soul. 

The sacred image is that of Bhagwan Swaminarayan in his teenage years. He was known then as Nilkanth Varni. 

In 1792, at the age of 11, he renounced his home to begin a spiritual journey around India, crossing over also into Nepal and Burma. For seven years and almost 8,000 miles, he walked alone, by foot, carrying little – as depicted in the sacred image. 

This shrine is a tribute to his journey of compassion and outreach, and is a source of inspiration to those who visit. 

Now you can make your way out of the chamber and towards the first floor using the stairs on the left. Press next when you reach the upper sanctum.

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