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Start of Tour

The Arcade Creek Park Preserve Sensory trail is a 400-foot accessible loop, located just off the main trail that you are currently walking on. You will come to a trailhead sign on the right side of the trail in approximately 1,300 feet. This sign will signify the start of the sensory trail. The trail is paved and features a guide rope that will direct you to certain stops of interest along the trail. These stops include 2 tactile signs, 1 sound box with 8 different selections, local trees and fauna, and multiple sitting areas.  

Enjoy a peacefully walk through this nature preserve tucked right in the middle of a busy urban environment. You will hear the busy sound of Sunrise Avenue fade away as you begin to walk further into the park. Sounds of local birds and critters will replace the sound of passing cars. During winter and spring seasons you may hear the sound of arcade creek itself, twisting through the park, located on your right hand side. 

While you make your way to the Sensory Trail entrance, you may hear the sound of our park zip line! This is a favorite stop among park patrons of all ages. This Zip Line is located to your right and features a padded landing that stretches the entire length of the zip line. 

This park is also a favorite among walkers and their canine companions.

Enjoy the sounds of nature as you continue your journey to the start of the sensory trail. Remember, the trailhead is located on your right hand side. When you arrive at the trailhead, you can begin the second part of this tour. 

ACPP Sensory Trail
  1. Start of Tour
  2. Start of ACPP Sensory Trail
  3. Point of Interest #1
  4. Point of Interest # 2
  5. Point of Interest # 3
  6. Point of Interest # 4
  7. Point of Interest #5