20190814 092346 stop 4

Point of Interest # 2

Welcome to the ACPP Sensory Trail audio box. This audio box is powered by movement! Turning the hand crank, located in the middle of the box, multiple times around, generates power that allows the speaker to play various recordings. There are 8 total recordings that can be listened to. There is a switch located in the upper right hand corner of the unit that can be turned to 8 different settings, allowing you to listen to 8 different audio tracks. Feel free to take your time and listen to one or all of the availabel audio tracks. 

You can then proceed to the next point of interest along the trail, located just three posts away, between the 3rd and 4th post. 

ACPP Sensory Trail
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  2. Start of ACPP Sensory Trail
  3. Point of Interest #1
  4. Point of Interest # 2
  5. Point of Interest # 3
  6. Point of Interest # 4
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