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Air elementals

The element of Air.

Angels , slyphs ,Pegasus 

Dimension 7.

Though still under the caterogy of dimension 3 .

The fae!

With a angelic energy .

Dimension 7 is the realm of the angel and light divine .

When think of the element of air , we think of the mountain tops .

The Thunderstorm !

The wind ,the breeze on the ocean .

The element of air brings cleansing , a fresh start , removeing the old ,in with the new out with the old .

Great tool to work with air elementals and spirts are incense and sage smoke .

As slyphs tend to use the smoke to shape shifter and make themselves visual to you.

This is called scrying worth the use of incense or burning of herbs and is a great ancient divination craft.

To work and honour the air elementals throw dried flowers or herbs to the wind .

Feel the breeze by the ocean or a cliff top .

Feel the cleansing air rejuvenate you !

Fresh starts and new begginings!

Air spirits can bring.

A new start.




Joy and happiness!

Most air witches love thunderstorms as this is when the wind blows and air contains it's most energy.

Makeing it extremely Powerful to cast your spells and preform your magic.

Working with the Elementals and power of nature !

Air embrace!

Fresh begginings and new starts!

See the photo above.

This is a air elemental spirit of dimension 7.

What do you see!

This was preformed by myself with a silver backed  3 sided mirror as a portal.

A normal technique for a witch to use in invokeing.

Do you see a side view!

A boy , curly hair and what seems to be a wing .

The light was extremely bright and hard to see.

But to me I definitely see a winged child ! 

A angel possibly ! 

What do you see! 

Blessed are us witches ! 

Brightest blessings to you.

Plse note all photos in this book are of my own work and protected by copyrighted laws.

Feel welcome to enjoy! 

But plse respect my work within the occult.

And not share or use for your own purposes .

I believe this apparition is of a great blessing to us and to those who wish not to be blind to the beauty of the occult and the universe and what she wishes to bring us .

Guinivere feminious 

And rose.

Blessed Be !

The great Faerie journey begins
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  2. Dedicated to my little sunshine Emerald 🌞
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  4. Meet the Fae
  5. The elements and where do the Fae fit in .
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  9. Air elementals
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