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Fire elementals

The fire elementals !

Not for everyone !

A strong and furious energy All about transformation , speed and power !

Ok guys , if you want something done with and no messing around .

Fire majick is definitely for you !

Not the easiest form of majick and not easily produced or done .

But yes , of course the more advanced or gifted witch we could say .

Can and will produce effects with fire majick .

Think of the phoneix , salmanders and the shape shifter . Awesome !

Transformation ! Power !

The phoniex reminds us that to become who we where meant to be !

Not who society made us or conditioned to be !

We must burn away the old !

And be reborn from the ashes of the phoniex we rise ! People often say when they look back at the terrible burning times !

They burnt the witches in there own element . Which never destroyed them !

But brought them back !

Faster , more powerful and born again ! 

Reborn again .!

To begin there journey once more !

For witches are far from evil !

There nature lovers , healers and most but not all gifted in tarot and creative spiritual gifts !

But not to harm !

But to bring peace and end the suffering to many in a dark dark world .

Which we call the universe !

But !

And I say but !

For it is not the universe we should blame or put any Shame on .

By no means .

But for society and mankind as always had shall we say a sadistic side !

Looking back in history .

The wars !

The poor !

The suffering !

Witches are here to bring peace and healing !

Not to harm !

Of course there will be the odd one who wishes to harm !

But fear not !

For they are surley not witches !

But charlotons !

And of course the universe will always punish those who seek to abuse the gifts of the occult ! Peace and healing to all !

See photo above ! 

See the cat shapeshifting .

This is a personal fire majick of my own .

A few years back now ! 

A evil person unknown by myself but known by spirts shall we say .

Attacked my familars ! 

Cruelly ripping his tail out of his socket ! 

Leaveing him to die in pain .

But thankfully he managed to drag himself home 

We of course took him immediately to the vets ! 

Which he is know liveing a wonderful life ! 

Tail less , but all the same a wonderful life ! 

I of course being a witch and a lover of all animals .

I cast a return to sender and justice be served upon them spell !

Done what was needed in balance to serve justice upon anyone who felt it was normal to rip a tail off a liveing animal .

Cruel and insane! 

As you can see by the candle flame ! 

It shows a cat with no tail ! 

This to me is a sign from spirit ! 

Justice has been served ! 

Maybe they lost a arm ! 

Who knows ! 

But never harm another is the rule of a witch ! 

For returning to sender is a way of restoring balance ! 

When injustice has been done !

Fire majick ! 

Fast , effective and when you need it done now ! 

Witch Guinivere and Rose 


The great Faerie journey begins
  1. Opening section
  2. Dedicated to my little sunshine Emerald 🌞
  3. What is the Fae
  4. Meet the Fae
  5. The elements and where do the Fae fit in .
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  7. Water elementals
  8. Fire elementals
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