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Earth elementals

The earth elementals 

The Fae of the woodland ,Forest ,and earth .

Where ever you find nature! 

There be there ! 

The dryads , elves, Faery realms !

Even gnomes,trolls and goblins ! 

There are so so many ! 

The element of earth is well known for it's majikal properties of grounding,prosperity and providing security and stability ! 

No wander so many of us love the forest or are attracted to national parks and walks in the country side! 

Take a walk in the forest! 


A stroll in the woodland! 

Breathe in the fresh air ! 

The healing energy of the fae! 

How do you feel ? 

Then check how you feel as you leave the forest or woodland! 

How do you feel know ! 

Do you feel less anxiety , more peaceful and a feeling of tranquility in the depths of nature! 

Then, as you leave! 

Do you feel the sudden shock of negative energy and human society and it's all judgemental and non stop stressfull atmosphere return ! 

That's because you have just felt the healing energy of the nature spirits! 

Isn't it magikal!

If we could all just live in the forest together with the nature spirts as one ! 

Imagine ! 

How different life would be ! 

The great Faerie journey begins
  1. Opening section
  2. Dedicated to my little sunshine Emerald 🌞
  3. What is the Fae
  4. Meet the Fae
  5. The elements and where do the Fae fit in .
  6. Earth elementals
  7. Water elementals
  8. Fire elementals
  9. Air elementals
  10. Nature spirits