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Eton Walkway Audio Tour

The Eton Walkway audio tour is a 2 mile / one hour circular walk connecting 18 points of interest in the town starting at Windsor Bridge and celebrating Eton’s diverse community and rich heritage. Permanent bronze markers are set in the ground to identify the route of the Walkway and use Eton’s coat of arms, originally given to the town by King Henry VI in 1449. The 18 shields mark: The King’s Stables, the Cockpit, Porny School, Baldwin’s Bridge, Eton College, the Burning Bush, Eton Wall Game at the Timbralls, Skinners’ Bridge, Herschel Observatory, the Gormley Statue, Keate House, the Natural History Museum, Museum of Antiquities, St John’s Church, Jubilee Square, the Brocas and Eton Boat House. We all very much hope that you enjoy the walk.  

Map £ 3.00
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Eton Walkway Audio Tour
  1. Start - Windsor & Eton bridge
  2. 1. King's Stable Street
  3. 2. The Cock Pit
  4. 3. The Porny School
  5. 4. Baldwin's Bridge
  6. 5. Eton College
  7. 6. The Burning Bush
  8. 7. The Wall Game
  9. 8. Skinner's Bridge
  10. 9. The Herschel Observatory
  11. 10. Sir Antony Gormley’s Statue
  12. 11. Keate House
  13. 12. The Natural History Museum
  14. 13. Eton Museum of Antiquities
  15. 14. St John the Evangelist
  16. 15. The Christopher Inn
  17. 16. Jubilee Square
  18. 17. The Brocas
  19. 18. Eton Boat House