Make Your Tour Private

You have complete control over who can see your audio tour. There are two ways that you can control who can see the tour:

Draft vs. Published. While creating a tour you can keep the tour in "draft" form which means only you can see the tour. Once you're ready to share the tour with the world you can change the tour to "published" so it can be shared! You can always switch back and forth between draft and published.

Tour Codes. If you only want certain people to access the tour you can set a tour code which a visitor needs to unlock the tour. This can be useful if you want to charge money for the tour or only want some people to have access. 

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Sample Audio Tour
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  2. Lend Me Your Ear
  3. Share Your Tour
  4. Make Your Tour Private
  5. Make Money From Your Tour!
  6. Asking for Help