Sample Audio Tour

Welcome to YourAudioTour! 

This is a finished audio tour. It took less than 30 minutes to create - no technical knowledge necessary.  It will teach you about the platform and show you how a tour works. Enjoy the audio in each stop and you might even get some ideas for your own project!

You'll notice this tour is the same as any other webpage. That means it can be accessed from any computer or phone. No need for visitors to download a specific app. Sharing the tour is as easy as copy and pasting the hyperlink (or printing a provided QR code). Visitors can also download the tour onto their phone for offline listening.

SIGNUP for free and start building your own tour in 10 seconds whenever you're ready!

Also, if you have any detailed questions or just want to say hello please email me at stephen@youraudiotour.com. 

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Sample Audio Tour
  1. A Picture Speaks 1000 Words
  2. Lend Me Your Ear
  3. Share Your Tour
  4. Make Your Tour Private
  5. Make Money From Your Tour!
  6. Asking for Help