Leicester Square

Leicester Square is a pedestrianised square, It was laid out in 1670 and is named after the contemporary Leicester House, 

The square was originally a gentrified residential area, It became more down-market in the late 18th century and retail developments took place, becoming a centre for entertainment, Several major theatres were established in the 19th century, which were converted to cinemas towards the middle of the next, Leicester Square holds a number of nationally important cinemas, which are frequently used for film premieres, most of the big theatres are a few minutes walking distance away

The square remains a popular tourist attraction, including hosting events for the Chinese New Year,


The square has always had a park in its centre, which was originally Lammas land, The square was extensively refurbished and remodelled for the 2012 London Olympics, costing more than £15m and taking over 17 months to complete

London West End Walking Tour
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