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Blockhouse #3

Blockhouses were used to defend the Fort in case of an attack. Within minutes these buildings would be filled with soldiers, armed with muskets and cannons. 
Their are two 3 pound cannons that reside in this building. One is a repoduction, that we fire at various times throughout the year. The other cannon dates back to the 1700's.

Fort Osage National Historic Landmark
  1. The Garden
  2. A Missing Wall
  3. Blockhouse #4
  4. The Barracks
  5. The Artificer's Shop
  6. The Blacksmith’s Shop
  7. Blockhouse #3
  8. Blockhouse #2
  9. Officers’ Quarters
  10. Blockhouse #1
  11. The Flag Mast
  12. The Punishment Post
  13. The Interpreter’s Cabin
  14. The Factory
  15. Blockhouse #5
  16. The Front Gate
  17. The Missouri River and the Lewis & Clark Trail Marker