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Welcome to the Beaufort History Museum in the historic Arsenal

The Arsenal was built in 1798 to house the Beaufort Volunteer Artillery, after it fought with the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. The National Guard here traces its roots to the local militia, and is recognized as the fifth-oldest unit in the United States.

The 200+ year-old, yellowish building has come a long way since 1798. It was built on the original city square to serve as headquarters and store weapons for the volunteer artillery, a militia of prominent citizens who protected the city and ports in times of war and hosted elite social events.

Today it houses the Museum and Tourist Visitor Center.

Beaufort History Museum
  1. Welcome!
  2. Beaufort County's First People
  3. The Yamasee Indians
  4. Altamaha Town Archaeology
  5. European Superpowers in Carolina
  6. The Greatest and Fairest Haven
  7. Beaufort's Golden Age
  8. Patriots and Loyalists
  9. Antebellum Beaufort – In Town (1782-1861)
  10. Sea Island Cotton
  11. Antebellum Beaufort – Plantations (1782-1861)
  12. Battle of Port Royal (1861)
  13. Beaufort and the Civil War (1861-1865)
  14. The African American Experience (1861-1865)
  15. Model of the New South: Postbellum Beaufort (1865-1893)
  16. Robert Smalls -- The 'King' of Beaufort
  17. The Great Depression – Riches to Rags
  18. The Early 20th Century -- Here Comes the Marines!
  19. The Early 20th Century -- Civil Rights
  20. Rise of the Sunbelt -- Charles Fraser and the Fraser Effect
  21. 21st Century Beaufort -- The 'Chambers' Vision
  22. Preserving Our History
  23. The Greatest and Fairest Haven