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The History Gallery

Discover the Community We Created, the Places We Built, and the Dreams We Shared. Explore the products that made Kalamazoo famous, from Checker Cabs to medical devices and pharmaceuticals … investigate how we've grown from a frontier town to a prosperous city by shopping for goods at a general store or checking out a 1960s suburban garage … and get a feel for our community at the Douglass Community Center and WKVM TV-station.

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The History Gallery
  1. Checker Cab
  2. Smelting Pot
  3. Gibson Guitars
  4. Homer Stryker and his Revolutionary Bed
  5. Upjohn's Pills
  6. A. M. Todd
  7. People of the Three Fires
  8. The General Store
  9. New Settlers to Kalamazoo: The Importance of the General Store
  10. Something for Everyone at the General Store
  11. The Finer Things in Life: Saving for the General Store
  12. Hub of Information: The General Store
  13. 1848 General Store Ledger
  14. Farm Life 1860-1940
  15. Entertainment 1860-1920
  16. "Wash Day"
  17. Food Preparation 1870-1930
  18. Squirrel Tailed Pumper
  19. The Kalamazoo Mall
  20. Victor Gruen: The Man with a Plan
  21. Dreams We Shared
  22. The 1980 Kalamazoo Tornado
  23. Lincoln's Speech
  24. Mystery of the Mummy