The Barn (Visitors' Center)

The large Pennsylvania bank barn was built in the early to mid 1800s by the Penrose family, who purchased Graeme Park in 1801. As Quaker farmers, they would have housed livestock on the lower level, farm equipment, hay, and grain in the upper level, which is accessible by the ramp in the back. Currently we use the first floor as our Visitors' Center, offices, and gift shop, and the upper level for storage. 

Graeme Park - Introduction
  1. Visit us at Graeme Park
  2. The Summer Kitchen & Garden
  3. The Keith House - Part I
  4. The Fire Mark
  5. The Privy
  6. The Keith House - Part II
  7. The Haha
  8. The Barn (Visitors' Center)
  9. The Penrose-Strawbridge Farm
  10. The Event Tent
  11. Sir William Keith
  12. Dr. Thomas Graeme
  13. Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson