Dsc 1601

The Haha

Behind the summer kitchen you will notice a ditch that is often full of water with a steep hill to one side. This is called a haha and it served to divide the formal garden from the rest of the landscape, and keep unfenced livestock out of the garden, without interrupting the view.

Graeme Park - Introduction
  1. Visit us at Graeme Park
  2. The Summer Kitchen & Garden
  3. The Keith House - Part I
  4. The Fire Mark
  5. The Privy
  6. The Window Restoration Project
  7. The Haha
  8. The Keith House - Part II
  9. The Barn (Visitors' Center)
  10. The Penrose-Strawbridge Farm
  11. The Event Tent
  12. Sir William Keith
  13. Dr. Thomas Graeme
  14. Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson