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The Summer Kitchen & Garden

The small stone building to the side of the Keith House is a reproduction of the summer kitchen. Separate kitchen buildings served to protect the main house from fire and also kept it cooler in the summer months. The Keith House was originally built as a summer home and was staffed by indentured and paid servants, and enslaved people. They would have done the hot, sweaty, and often dangerous work of supplying the residents of the Keith House with food, candles, and clean clothing and linens from this small building. The small vegetable garden behind the kitchen is typical for the time and is maintained by a volunteer gardener.

Graeme Park - Introduction
  1. Visit us at Graeme Park
  2. The Summer Kitchen & Garden
  3. The Keith House - Part I
  4. The Fire Mark
  5. The Privy
  6. The Keith House - Part II
  7. The Haha
  8. The Barn (Visitors' Center)
  9. The Penrose-Strawbridge Farm
  10. The Event Tent
  11. Sir William Keith
  12. Dr. Thomas Graeme
  13. Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson