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The Keith House - Part I

The large stone manor house with distinctive blue trim is known as the Keith House. The blue color is based on paint analysis and was the color Dr. Graeme chose in the later 1700s. The house was built circa 1722 for Sir William Keith, Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania from 1717-1726. In 1739 the property, which was originally named Fountain Low, was purchased by Keith's son-in-law, Dr. Thomas Graeme, and was later inherited by Dr. Graeme's daughter, the writer Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson. The path from the parking lot leads you to the back of the house and the herb garden, which is maintained by the volunteers from the Gardeners of the Crooked Billet.

Graeme Park - Introduction
  1. Visit us at Graeme Park
  2. The Summer Kitchen & Garden
  3. The Keith House - Part I
  4. The Fire Mark
  5. The Privy
  6. The Window Restoration Project
  7. The Haha
  8. The Keith House - Part II
  9. The Barn (Visitors' Center)
  10. The Penrose-Strawbridge Farm
  11. The Event Tent
  12. Sir William Keith
  13. Dr. Thomas Graeme
  14. Elizabeth Graeme Fergusson