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7-Home at Advent

The home of a colonial family preparing for Christmas is on display. See the many traditions of our modern world which have remained virtually unchanged over time, such as the Advent wreath, Christmas tree, and Moravian Star.

Candle Tea 2020 "Around the Square"
  1. Welcome to Candle Tea!
  2. 1-Lovefeast Candle
  3. 2-Morning Star
  4. 3-Candle Making
  5. 4-18th Century Kitchen
  6. 5-Putz Display
  7. 6-Moravian Brass Band
  8. 7-Home at Advent
  9. 8-Nativity
  10. 9-Donation Box
  11. Go in Peace
  12. Go in Love
  13. Go in Joy