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4-18th Century Kitchen

Sweet sugar cake and coffee are a tradition of Candle Tea, served to visitors in the kitchen of the Single Brothers House. See kitchen tools used in a typical 18th century home, where cooking centered around the hearth of the fireplace.

Candle Tea 2020 "Around the Square"
  1. Welcome to Candle Tea!
  2. 1-Lovefeast Candle
  3. 2-Morning Star
  4. 3-Candle Making
  5. 4-18th Century Kitchen
  6. 5-Putz Display
  7. 6-Moravian Brass Band
  8. 7-Home at Advent
  9. 8-Nativity
  10. 9-Donation Box
  11. Go in Peace
  12. Go in Love
  13. Go in Joy