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Washington Waterfront Underground Railroad Museum:  https://www.facebook.com/washingtonundergroundrailroad/

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West Side Historic District Tour - Washington, North Carolina
  1. Washington Waterfront Underground Railroad Museum
  2. Atlantic Coastline Railroad Depot
  3. First Presbyterian Church
  4. First United Methodist Church
  5. Frank A. Moss House
  6. George H. & Laura E. Brown Library
  7. Hollyday House
  8. 2nd Street Attic Vents
  9. Elmwood
  10. Riverside-Winfield House
  11. Lindsay Warren House
  12. Greenhill
  13. Du May House
  14. Swindell House
  15. Grist Rodman House
  16. Leach House
  17. Fowle House
  18. Havens Wharf
  19. Havens Mill
  20. More Information