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West Side Historic District Tour - Washington, North Carolina

Experience Washington’s West Side historic district treasures with this self guided audio tour.

You’ll see architectural marvels, along with audio descriptions and stories bringing Washington’s rich and exciting history to life.

The tour is 1.5 miles, and approximately 1.5 to 2 hours at a strolling pace.



Watch your step.

Many of Washington’s sidewalks are uneven because of our gorgeous heritage trees.

Also, you will be crossing streets, so be aware of traffic.

Of special importance, if you are crossing Hwy 17 at any time, for your safety please use the designated pedestrian crosswalk at Hwy 17 and W. Main St.

Take your time, stroll and enjoy!


Starting Point:

The tour is self guided and it’s easy to start and follow anywhere along the way. We do recommend starting at the Washington Waterfront Underground Railroad Museum at the corner of West Main St. and Gladden St.


We’re confident that you’ll enjoy the Westside Historic District audio tour, and will want to hear more about Washington’s amazing architecture, which is why we developed an East Side tour!

Check out the East Side Historic District Tour in the Library.

Public restrooms are located on Stewart Parkway at the eastern and western edges of Mac "Bear" Hodges Festival Park.

After your purchase, you may opt to click the Download button in case your cellular reception becomes spotty.

The Visitor Center and Chamber of Commerce are located at 102 Stewart Parkway. Drop in for more great regional information.

About the Tour

Our Historic District is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. In addition, several sites on the tour are also included in the Register.

Please consider that most of these sites are private homes and offices. The building interiors and surrounding grounds are not ordinarily open to public tours.

However, the people of Washington are very friendly, so feel free to ask questions and engage in conversation with the folks you meet along the way.

Just let them know you’re on the Historic District Tour of Washington.

You just might be amazed by some of the stories you’ll uncover.


Washington and the Pamlico, edited by Ursula F. Loy and Pauline Worthy, City of Washington Planning and Development Office, Brown Library Local Historical Files, Beaufort-Hyde-Martin Regional Library, Washington Tourism Development Authority, and local historians.

Special thanks to Emily Rebert, former Historic Preservation Planner for the City of Washington.

150 W Main St, Washington, NC, USA
West Side Historic District Tour - Washington, North Carolina
  1. Washington Waterfront Underground Railroad Museum
  2. Atlantic Coastline Railroad Depot
  3. First Presbyterian Church
  4. First United Methodist Church
  5. Frank A. Moss House
  6. George H. & Laura E. Brown Library
  7. Hollyday House
  8. 2nd Street Attic Vents
  9. Elmwood
  10. Riverside-Winfield House
  11. Lindsay Warren House
  12. Greenhill
  13. Du May House
  14. Swindell House
  15. Grist Rodman House
  16. Leach House
  17. Fowle House
  18. Havens Wharf
  19. Havens Mill
  20. More Information