10 east historic armory 01

Washington Armory

731 E. Main St.

ca. 1936

Style- Art Deco 

Currently- Apartments

" For your safety, after The Armory, if you're walking or riding a bike, please backtrack one block to a right onto Charlotte St.  Then left onto paved E. 2nd St.  If you're driving, continue down Main St., one block to a left onto Simmons St., then left onto Park Ave., and the next left onto 2nd St."

East Side Historic District Tour - Washington, North Carolina
  1. The Bank of Washington
  2. Bank of Washington 1922
  3. The Turnage Theatre
  4. St. Peter's Episcopal Church
  5. Frank Bryan House
  6. Thomas House
  7. First Baptist Church
  8. St Peter's Church Rectory
  9. Nicholson House
  10. Washington Armory
  11. S. P. Willis House
  12. Minor House
  13. Stephen Bragaw House
  14. Municipal Building
  15. Isiah Respess Office
  16. Old Beaufort County Courthouse
  17. Old Town Hall
  18. North Carolina Estuarium
  19. Marsh House
  20. Myers House
  21. Hyatt House
  22. More Information