Fish hatchery green with clear view to water

Old Fish Hatchery Trail

Welcome to the Old Fish Hatchery Trail at the Benjamin Nye Homestead. This guided tour will introduce you to the buildings and grounds at the Nye Museum, show you historical photos, and help you enjoy the natural wonders of East Sandwich. Each station will take about 90 seconds to complete, but you are welcome to stop and enjoy along the way.

Be prepared for a short walk through a trail in the woods. It can sometimes be buggy and wet. You must wear shoes. We hope you take time to observe all kinds of native plants and birds and animals. Please be respectful of nature.

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91 Old County Road, East Sandwich, MA, 02537
Old Fish Hatchery Trail
  1. View from the Grange Hall
  2. 1678 Benjamin Nye Homestead
  3. Nye Pond & Stream
  4. Abandoned Trout Pools
  5. Old Grist Mill
  6. Benjamin's Mill Pond & Dam
  7. The Neck