Three Pillars and "The Wild and Cultivated Foods Tour!"

Welcome to our community!

Over 117 years ago we were entrusted with a mission to care for seniors. It is that mission that guides us in all we do to enhance the quality of life for those who call Three Pillars home.

This audio tour is an expansion of our dedication to living well. Our community encompasses our residents, staff, volunteers, businesses, and schools.  Without our community, none of this could be possible!  Join us as we explore our environment, expand our knowledge, and enhance our microbiomes by seeing and doing!

Please contact us with any questions and enjoy this tour as you walk and learn about the wild and cultivated foods of Three Pillars!

375 State Rd 67, Dousman, WI, United States
Three Pillars and "The Wild and Cultivated Foods Tour!"
  1. Maple Trees
  2. Mushroom Cabin #1
  3. Mushroom Cabin #2
  4. Mushroom Cabin #3
  5. Mushroom Cabin #4
  6. Mushroom Cabin #5
  7. Mushroom Mulch #6
  8. Raspberry
  9. Wild Grapes
  10. Elderberry
  11. Mulberry
  12. Stinging Nettle
  13. Wild Grapes - Transplant Site
  14. Raspberry - Transplant Site
  15. Mulberry - Transplant Site