Jesus and The Teenager

Discovery Ministries and our retreat weekends span over forty five years and have served thousands of young people, families, and others. They are invited to embrace their God-given talents and gifts, seek healing from the Lord, and celebrate the opportunities that God provides. Thousands on these retreats have experienced the loving arm of Jesus on their shoulder to affirm them, support them, encourage them, and heal them.

The Statue was requested by Betty Jewell to recognize the gifts and goodness of the youth and young adults who have experienced Discovery Retreats through the years. We also remember Ernie Jewell for all he gave to these retreats.

Discovery Ministries - Faith Walk and Rosary Garden:
  1. The Discovery House Rosary Garden
  2. The beautiful Grotto
  3. The Pyramid
  4. Saint Nicholas
  5. St. Patrick of Ireland
  6. Jesus Blesses the Children Mark 10:13-16
  7. Saint Thérèse of Lisieux
  8. Our Guardian Angel
  9. Saint Maria Goretti
  10. Saint Stephen
  11. Saint Michael The Archangel
  12. Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta
  13. Saint Rita of Cascia
  14. Our Lady of Guadalupe
  15. Woman of Hope
  16. Knights of Columbus
  17. Jesus and The Teenager
  18. The Grieving Mother