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Discover the Rokin!

Who designed Rokin Plaza? How was the Bicycloud made? What is the story behind the Miracle Column? These and many more questions are answered during this audiotour along Rokin! An architecture guide from the architour-team takes you on a Corona-proof trip along Rokin and tells you the stories behind 15 remarkable buildings and projects – from the Royal Industrieele Groote Club to Hotel De L'Europe. Let's go!

The tour takes ca. 2 hours.
This audio tour is offered to you by BIZ Vereniging Rokin.

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© architour 2021
All rights reserved
Authors: Anneke Bokern and Paul Vlok, architour
Speaker: Anneke Bokern

Rokin 1, Amsterdam, , Netherlands
Discover the Rokin!
  1. Introduction
  2. Industria
  3. Rokin Plaza
  4. Hudsons' Bay
  5. NRC Building
  6. Bicycloud
  7. Miracle Column
  8. Oudhof
  9. Metro Station Rokin
  10. Arti et Amicitiae
  11. Allard Pierson
  12. Maison De Bonneterie
  13. Vroom & Dreesmann
  14. Munttoren
  15. Hotel De L'Europe