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Guest Story 14: Madeline

Madeline comes to nourish.NJ just as the Outreach team is heading home for the day. They notice she’s covered in bruises and scrapes. Madeline is nervous, but the Outreach team is kind and reassuring,  they even stayed after fours to make sure she had the help she needed. She feels comfortable opening up to them.

Madeline recently came out to her family. They sent her to out of state conversion therapy. When she came home and explained she was still gay, they kicked her out of the house. Since then, she’d been living in the woods. The Outreach team gives Madeline plenty to eat and works with the county to get her emergency hotel placement. They also connect her with a local physician and therapist—they want to make sure she’s okay physically and mentally.

Madeline tells the team she’s motivated to find work and provide for herself. She never wants to return home again. The Outreach team helps her write a resume and practice for job interviews. They even take her to get a haircut and a new outfit for her first interview! She’s hired at a local mall, and rents an apartment with a friend from work. Madeline loves working, and love building her own life. She’s so proud to have her own job, her own place, and to finally be open about who she is.

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