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Guest Story 13: George

George is 58 years old and has lived with schizophrenia for all of his adult life. It’s been hard for him to meet the criteria to receive aid from aid agencies. When he comes to nourish.NJ, he’s thrilled he’s able to get help. No one asks him any uncomfortable questions, they just welcome him with open arms. The staff offers him delicious, healthy meals and checks in to see if he needs anything else.  For the first time in years, George feels safe.

Because of his illness, George hasn’t been able to keep a stable job to pay rent, and he’s about to become homeless. He can’t imagine living on the streets. He’s terrified.  The Outreach team tells him they’ll do everything they can to help him.

The team connects George with the local housing authority and help him apply for an apartment. They advocate for him intently, and at last he’s accepted! He only has to pay 30 percent of his income toward his apartment, so he’s able to afford it on his social security. On move-in day, the Outreach team brings George a new bed, sheets, towels, and a microwave. They even help move his favorite chair from his old apartment to help him feel more at home.

With George safely housed, it’s time to take care of his mental health. The Outreach team sets him up with a psychiatrist and therapist, and even wait in the waiting room during his first appointment. He’s prescribed medication, and the Outreach team stops by the pharmacy on the way home to pick it up. 

After a few weeks, George feels better than he ever has before. He attends therapy every week and checks in with the Outreach team every few days. He makes friends in his apartment building and starts meeting in the community room to play cards. He is thankful to the Outreach team for their advocacy, and for their kindness.

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