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Guest Story 7: Isabelle

Isabelle comes to nourish.NJ because she wants to stay away from drugs and alcohol. The people she used to hang around with were a bad influence, and she wants to get back on track. She’s ready to start working again and get her life back. She approaches the Outreach staff and says she wants to find a job.

The Outreach team jumps right in and helps Isabelle create a resume. It’s not hard to make her sound good: She’s an outgoing and friendly person who loves taking care of other people. She’s also a veteran, so the team connects her with veteran resources. The Outreach team finds a community partner looking to hire a veteran struggling to get back on their feet. The job entails installing handicapped accessible minivans. Isabelle thinks it sounds like the perfect way to give back.

Three days after applying, she gets a call from the job. They want to schedule an interview! The Outreach team buys Isabelle a train ticket so she can get to your appointment on-time. She returns to nourish.NJ a few days later with good news, and a request. She asks the Outreach team to buy her another train ticket, because she have a second interview! The team happily obliges. With their support, Isabelle feels confident she can do anything, and she gets the job!

nourish.NJ's Hunger Walk 2020 Audio Tour
  1. Introduction from Executive Director Terry Connolly
  2. Guest Story 1: Carlos
  3. Guest Story 2: Arturo & Maria
  4. Guest Story 3: Edith and Herb
  5. Guest Story 4: Rolf
  6. Guest Story 5: Essential Workers
  7. Guest Story 6: Molly
  8. Guest Story 7: Isabelle
  9. Guest Story 8: Abigail & Rachel
  10. Guest Story 9: Charles
  11. Guest Story 10: Tommy
  12. Guest Story 11: Richard
  13. Guest Story 12: Roger
  14. Guest Story 13: George
  15. Guest Story 14: Madeline
  16. Guest Story 15: Nathan & Oscar
  17. Conclusion