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Introduction from Executive Director Terry Connolly

Thank you for joining nourish.NJ for our 2020 Hunger Walk. Because of COVID-19, the number of people we’re serving is up 30 percent, so we need your support now more than ever. Thank you for standing with us even when we can’t stand together. 

And a special thank you to our sponsors: Covanta, Dun&Bradstreet, Morgan Stanley, Peapack Gladstone Bank, and WithumSmith+Brown. 

What follows is a compilation of stories of real people we’ve helped. Although small details have been changed to protect our guests’ confidentiality, the struggles they face are real. We hope that by following along with these stories, you’ll gain a better understanding of what it means to walk in our guests’ shoes. 

nourish.NJ's Hunger Walk 2020 Audio Tour
  1. Introduction from Executive Director Terry Connolly
  2. Guest Story 1: Carlos
  3. Guest Story 2: Arturo & Maria
  4. Guest Story 3: Edith and Herb
  5. Guest Story 4: Rolf
  6. Guest Story 5: Essential Workers
  7. Guest Story 6: Molly
  8. Guest Story 7: Isabelle
  9. Guest Story 8: Abigail & Rachel
  10. Guest Story 9: Charles
  11. Guest Story 10: Tommy
  12. Guest Story 11: Richard
  13. Guest Story 12: Roger
  14. Guest Story 13: George
  15. Guest Story 14: Madeline
  16. Guest Story 15: Nathan & Oscar
  17. Conclusion