Golden hinde wheel

The Helm

The helm you are stood by is used to steer the ship. Ship’s wheels like this one were developed in the 18th Century and constituted an important leap forward in naval technology. As 16th century mariners, Drake’s crew would have had to make do with a ‘whipstaff’, a long lever connected to the ship’s tiller.

If you look at the ship’s main and fore masts, you will see two basket-like structures called ‘fighting tops’. These were used as platforms for the ship’s crew to stand and fire projectiles at their enemies. At the very top of all three mast are overlapping pieces of wood called ‘cross trees’. A lookout could stand on the cross trees if they wanted to get a clear, unimpeded view.

Drake would often address his crew from this deck, regularly reading sermons as they gathered around the main mast on the deck below.

The Golden Hinde
  1. Welcome to the Main Deck
  2. The Armoury
  3. Drake’s Cabin
  4. Francis Drake
  5. The Fore Deck
  6. The Fo’C’sle
  7. The Great Cabin
  8. The Gundeck
  9. Minion
  10. The Helm
  11. The Hold