Golden hinde london curriculum team video series

The Fo’C’sle

You are standing near the front of the ship in the the Fo’c’sle or ‘fore-castle’. It was most likely used for storage, but also housed the forward firing, ‘bow-chaser’ guns. The two bow-chasers before you are called falcons, and they fire a 2lb shot. It is here and in the armoury where the crew would have waited tightly packed before a battle. The Fo’c’sle provides good cover and equally the element of surprise...

The Golden Hinde
  1. Welcome to the Main Deck
  2. The Armoury
  3. Drake’s Cabin
  4. Francis Drake
  5. The Fore Deck
  6. The Fo’C’sle
  7. The Great Cabin
  8. The Gundeck
  9. Minion
  10. The Helm
  11. The Hold