Elevator Operator, 1910s

"I just got a job as an elevator operator over at the National Bank building. It’s the tallest building in town – has eight floors. I work all day riding up and down the elevator – opening the door at each floor -- I have to pull on a big handle to get the door open. It's a pretty heavy door.  I make 68 cents a day. My father died this past year so it helps my mother a lot that I can work. It’s only the two of us now working to support the whole family – that includes my brother and four sisters." 

-Marion Moss, Black female, age 16

Captions: Elevator operators from G. Fox & Co department store in Connecticut, circa 1940 (unknown collection); Exterior and interior images of the National Bank building in Kalamazoo, circa 1910 (KVM collection). 

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