Card 47

Card Sorter, 1900

"I'm not going to school this year; I started working at the Kalamazoo Playing Card factory sorting cards into full decks for 66 cents a day. A lot of kids work here doing the sorting. Next year my sister Dora will start too when she's 15. It helps papa a lot that I'm working. He drives a coach." 

Nona Parker, white female, age 15

Captions: Playing cards made by the Kalamazoo Playing Card Company (KVM collection); Exterior of factory with workers in 1905 (KVM collection). 

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A Job for Everyone
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  3. Seamstress, 1890s
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  7. Launderer, 1900
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  9. Card Sorter, 1900
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  19. Seamstress, 1910s
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