Grocer, 1890s

"My husband and I came here from the Netherlands in 1866. We lived in New Jersey for a time but then decided to move to Michigan; there were a lot of Dutch here and we thought we'd feel at home. We opened a grocery and were doing very well; when my husband died I took over."

- Mary Hengst, white female, age 48

Photo captions: Interior of Harris Grocery Store, Kalamazoo, circa 1900 (KVM collection); Trunk used by Dutch immigrants to Kalamazoo, 1863 (KVM collection); Dutch immigrant woman in 1889 (Library of Congress collection); Tea cozy made in Holland and used by local Den Bleyker family, circa 1860s (KVM collection).  

Historic images of grocery stores in KVM collections:

People's Market exterior 

People's Market interior

E.B. Russell's interior

E.B. Russell's truck

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