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A.P. Hays Family Maynard Dixon Collection

As a Founding Trustee of Scottsdale’s Museum of the West, and one whom since the 1940s has been studying, collecting and championing our dynamic American West, I am especially pleased to have the opportunity to share my Maynard Dixon Collection with our museum’s guests. My greater than one-half century dedicated to collecting my family’s Spirit of the West Collection, which includes featured works in a nearby gallery of this museum, has resulted in my becoming a respected authority in helping people better appreciate and gain deeper understanding of the Old and romantic Western region. In this Dixon exhibition, I proudly share with you a sampling of my own thoughts and findings on extraordinary Maynard Dixon, which have also been highlighted on the national exhibition tour of this collection to more than 18 museums in 11 different states. Please enjoy this exhibit, and the beauty and diversity of the museum’s galleries of regional art and cultural material.

A.P. Hays

The Abe Hays Family Maynard Dixon Collection
  1. A.P. Hays Family Maynard Dixon Collection